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Friday, January 30, 2009

mini obession: multi function books

Ever since I've had an official office space in our home I've noticed an increase in book purchases. Not only have I been building my home library up but I've also scored some really neat display pieces.
Every one's seen Umbra's award winning conceal book shelf but I still love it. We picked up a few for ridiculously cheap when the Base Annex closed shop last year.
Before we scored the above book brackets I was temped to get one of the curated ones like "first comes love" from the Curiosity Shoppe.
I can't express how psyched I am with my new theshophouse book mobile. After spotting these gorgeously simple mobiles on every one's blog I just couldn't resist. This package arrival has surely made my Friday!
I'm also seriously loving these Hand-crafted vintage Music Books by jen khoshbin; Website.


Lisa said...

Great books!
I just got your comment on my blog... you are welcome to post the Sharrow sweater on yours, but I just completed it so maybe it would be better to wait for a better photo of the full sweater.

alexandra said...

thanks for the compliment! Your blog looks great too! xoxo

rackkandruin said...

my dad made my sister one of those "conceal book shelves" for christmas, i was so jealous! i'm going to have to request one for my birthday. come check out my blog!