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Friday, January 23, 2009

stand back stand back

If you were ever wondering what to get your amazingly awesome friend who loves Stevie Nicks, Tacky Art, the 1970's, and the aesthetic of dream catchers and wolves in moon light well here it is: Johanna's Art Inspired by Stevie Nicks.
Two tambourines

Mary with her tambourine

This site has it all, prints of Stevie Nicks in magic settings, puzzles of Stevie Nicks in magical settings and hand painted portraits of you and Stevie Nicks in magical settings on Tambourines!!!!


Aubrey Longley-Cook said...

just like the white winged dove, i'm sayin' ooo ooo oooo!

[J] said...

Oh my goodness!

east side bride said...

I did not know it was possible to make Stevie Nicks look uncool.

leslie said...

why oh why did stevie have such a bad eye job done? certainly she can afford better work?