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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I haven't put away all my clothes yet.
Finishing the closets has been on the top of my list for days, but I'd much rather catch up with True Blood.


Polyptych & Rail Rail via Prokopaviciute's photostream


The Cottage Cheese said...

Those paintings are f'ing genius.

Rachel said...

re:true blood. just started watching. can't. stop.

onomatowhata said...

don't sweat it. i've been in my new place for 6 months and still haven't hung a single picture (except for 2 where there were already nails in the walls).

Sara said...

Well the paintings look good anyway.

As for the True Blood thing, June 13th season 3 begins, so there's no time to waste catching up! Just make sure you don't read the books, or else you'll never get anything done.