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Thursday, June 30, 2011

the escape artist

memelodia has been on a lovely and eventful sabbatical.

It's been months since I waved goodbye to my free time. Free time that had been previously dedicated to lurking on witty, design conscience web logs to instead plan my upcoming fall nuptials, squirt out some worth while artwork, intern at a gallery and try to keep a semblance of giving a f#@k at my real job. I waved long and hard to that precious free time... It waited patiently but eventually packed it's mismatched bags and left the scene.

It hasn't made me surly. I swear.

I really shouldn't complain about said free time taking a break. It's helped me appreciate those moments shared with my future hubbers and our wee chi.

After the wedding, honey mood planning and free time hopefully finds it's way back I'll resume being my flaccid old self who was able to spend hours prowling through your sites, pages, and catch up on your lives.

I miss my hens.

all images sourced (out of context) from my new favorite site: travelnostalgia