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Friday, November 14, 2008

champagne & diamonds vicodin & icepacks

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and right now I don't feel nor look fabulous.  I figured since I'm under the weather, this would be an appropriate time to introduce you to two ladies who are always glamourous and smashing.

This foxy duo from Champagne and Diamonds is the first edition of taxidermy curio art by Lovedtodeath.  
We enjoy hosting these teenie lushes at our apartment everyday. These girls are always sipping on bubbly and gossiping about society while we toil away in our normal little lives. 


rackkandruin said...

i absolutely love these little scenes! your write up was hilarious as well. the next time i visit san francisco i'm going to have to pack an extra duffle bag for all the stuff i want from Paxton Gate. thanks for checking out my blog. yours is a real inspiration. have you ever heard of it's a great website for DIY everything.