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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The holidays are here and I have to admit I'm really excited to host/attend a few more parties. There's nothing like Christmas party debaucheries with good friends, fancy outfits, tasty snacks and booze a flowin'. These gorgeous editorial photographs by Miles Aldridge remind me of prepping for and enjoying a house party.
This clip below of Dolly Parton singing "coat of many colors" reminds me of Christmas in a non traditional way. Ontop of her looking oh so tacky spectacular-this song is great because it's all about appreciation of family and gratitude for what you are given. Enjoy.


Eddy said...

hot, dead looking, catatonic, blondes remind you of the holidays?

Also, I've done the light the cigarette on the range deal.

Raquel Raney said...

i feel it.

Anonymous said...


east side bride said...

um. I made, er ASKED, a (non-union) actress to light a cigarette off the stove for my short, making sure to demo the procedure for her to prove that it was harmless.

She singed her hair anyway.