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Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love: Koibito

My office space is pretty uninspiring. Along with some major organizing, my desk needs this little companion to bring in the new year with me.

Koibito by Yoskay Yamamoto; Vinyl, 7 inches tall, edition of 500

koi•bi•to [koi-bee-toh]: a loved one. sweetheart

koi [koi]: a carp

bito [bee-toh]: a person

"Once upon a time I had a goldfish named Tuna. But he passed away because of my laziness and mistreatment....So I painted him for his memory.......But at same time Koibito symbolizes the sense of alienation that I felt growing up in Cali...It''s kind of like the phrase " fish out of water"...."
Available through Munky King