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Monday, March 15, 2010


I love Brea Souder's series based on superstitions: Time Between
artist statement:
I’m interested in the way superstitions reflect the human urge for story telling and our need for control in an uncertain world. They act as portals to a childhood sensibility, and can transform an ordinary scene into a mysterious tableau, rich with new meaning.

5 comments: said...

very cool and interesting stuff!

Kitty Stampede said...

i spy a thief...i love raccoons sooo much...must post about them soon.

wool and misc said...

i'm super superstitious even though i try to pretend i'm above it all.

ps. i miss you!

drollgirl said...


years ago i was walking home from a bar with friends, and we strolled up to my place. and there was such a scary rustling coming from a tree above us. it was a GIGANTIC raccoon. like a 35-40 pounder. he was so fat. he came down from the tree and waddled away. rather disturbing.

sorry for the random thought!

call me pio. said...

me muero.