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Monday, March 22, 2010

house on the brain

ryan dodgson, one of my favorite illustrators

I'm house hunting yet again. We haven't found the right nest and I'm getting antsy. We have 1 month left until we have to leave the little box. After the great flood we were in a search frenzy, but we put those plans on hold after a few things happened. Now it's on and I'm not excited about it. Me and the misters both want a lot for our money but have yet to find something that titillates and satisfies our needs. I just want to send this shot to a Realtor:
jaime gili paintings
Can't this be my life?
I deserve this.


drollgirl said...

omgawd. the house hunt thing?!?!? ack. what are prices like out there? i am sort of kind of looking, too, but as a single chick that doesn't make a ton 'o money in a rip-off city, i am kind of screwed. i could always live in the HOOD, but I COULD NOT LIVE IN THE HOOD. not happily. you can't even get a dump out here for under $300k. it is a nightmare.

anywhooooo, i hope you find the perfect place and that you get all that you want and need. fingers crossed for ya!

Heist said...

It's the WORST! You looking on the beach still?

bigBANG studio said...

you know, there's always the desert. with stacked houses and affordable shacks. i don't think any come with jaime gili paintings but i'll check.

Hello Lindello said...

house hunting can be so frusterating! I feel for you. I think wherever you move you'll make it cool though.

Kitty Stampede said...

that ceiling is impecc.

awww...good luck with the ol' house hunt. i hope to do that within a year, apartment life is getting to me..i hate the shoebox lifestyle..i want a big romantic deck outside my bedroom or kitchen and my own backyard dammit for a kick ass garden and such.

fingies and toeskis crossed for ya cutes.

k cifuentes said...

Ha! You and I both!

Just LOOK at that ceiling. Amazing..