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Sunday, October 25, 2009

apartment tour

I've been meaning to showcase my tiny apartment for a while now. Seeing that we'll most likely be moving, now's a better time than ever to share the little box with you guys. I absolutely adore our itty bitty 600sqft space. This is no selby feature but it'll have to do.

Here we have our bedroom with attached bathroom & balcony.
I think the tealtown chandelier curtains add some charm but my favorite part of this room is the family photo wall. Anytime I spot white frames I just have to pick a few up.

vintage fan, mustachio labbits, kozyndan bunny wave print and a polaroid from Berlin atop a refurnished dresser my dad made:

my thrift store rococo mirror brought down from Boston:

the living room: Ikea furnishings, J.Adler, LPP prints, faux moose, the 3rd roommate the TV:

the divorced sectional, Bf's bike, shophouse book mobile, my first papercuts, the "girls"

Denise Simon Animals detail:

my treasure wall: Nana, Brimfield scores, found Love Letters book in a homemade shadowbox

detail of the built ins

more built in: titmouse, found book, vintage x-mas decor from my parents.

the office:

Le kitchen

alt views of office. Ikea dvd case re purposed at toy chest:

Our girls by Lovedtodeath

detail of family wall

detail of my bedside table

our lady baltimore suitcase table, the hoof and a sliver of our bird nest

detail of our wooden wreath from Acquire boutique:

I made these bitches:

detail of my found vintage love letters book:

I love my Shophouse mobile and vintage German sea mammal chart:

Although our building is is old and lacks any curb appeal-- our unit has been renovated. Sadly, the inner workings of the building are deteriorating and the pipeage is questionable. We don't want to potentially deal with an other flood. We've been living here for nearly a year and a half. That's a bit of a record for us-- we're always on the move.


HELLO TIGER! said...

I love love love the second picture! It's so me!

Clorivak said...

Oh my Lawdy! I LOVE what you have done with the place!!!'s perfect. It looks so chic...and I adore all the artwork everywhere...and that family wall is freaking fabulicious. That kitchen is freaking incredible. Every apartment I end up in the kitchen is not really renovated so it's quite blah,blech.
It gives me inspiration for my place...I'm still picking away slowly. You made it seem really spacious. Loved every sqaure inch!!

young said...

Dude. You have awesome stuff. I am a fan of your stuff in your apartment.

Heist said...


drollgirl said...

your place is RADICAL!!!! dude! i mean all that in 600 sq ft?!?! and it looks amazing!

i am sure it is hard to leave, but ten bucks says you will do up the new place quite nicely!

wool and misc said...

so homey, homie! your stuff is to die for. all of it!

Rachel said...

speechless. i love EVERYTHING.

amy @ switz~art said...

holy crap! i love your place!!! all of it is just my bag! can't wait to see pics of your new abode!

east side bride said...

treasure wall. TREASURE WALL. actually, I like so much of this sh*t I don't even wanna go into it.

L said...

Kidrobot makes the world go 'round, does it not?


giddy up, i love it! did you take before + afters?

Meg said...

Wait. What's not Selby about this?

It's so good that suddenly I decided I must re-frame things and do the redecoration I've been planning. THIS. WEEKEND. Now look what you did....

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ok, your place is AMAZING! Seriously - it makes my apartment look like a dungeon! A messy dungeon, at that. A few things I love:

The softest-looking duvet in the world
Those giant white antlers
Toy chest - awesome
Suitcase table!
That whale poster

Anyways, you rock. I'm in awe.

uglygirl said...

I only just discovered this post in my starred section on google reader. Your digs are gorgeously decorated. Love the labbits.