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Thursday, October 15, 2009

104 target

I have a few thoughts swirling around my empty little head lately that I'd rather expel. I have been counting calories as of late and not in a good way. My best friend is getting married in less than a month and I'm walking down the isle in a super fitted sexy cocktail dress. I'm not one of those, Rawr! I love my curves kind of bitches so, rather than jiggling up a storm I'm cutting back. What bothers me is that it takes an event where 100+ people will see me for 1 minute walking a straight line in order for me to de-chunk. I wish I was health conscience and not just bulge conscience.
Emily Winton, Oven, 2007 from dispositions series

I've had this image collecting dust in my hard drive for a bit. After satisfying my Rufus craving this morning with Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk I felt they paired perfectly.

This is still one of my all time favorite songs.


wool and misc said...

104?!?! That's crazy talk.

What is it about weddings that make us go all cuckoo? I ordered a bridesmaid dress a size smaller to "motivate" me. Instead the boning just popped out at the reception and punctured my lower back.

Clorivak said...

That's too widdle Melods! I swear to god I gained like 35-40 pounds since high was totally BAD eating habits and thinking I was invincable. I used to be called anorexic,Twiggie,yada yada but I just had super high metab when I was in school and once I got out..boom...chunk started chasing me.
Somedays I love my curves and other days I look down at my bagel and curse it...not the food, my belly..haha. Women are so damn hard on themselves.

Hello Lindello said...

damn bridesmaid dresses. they are the WORST for any ladies figure.

drollgirl said...

bah! i think you are gorgeous! and men love a little jiggle! i prefer the men that like a LOT of jiggle!

i think the MAIN reason i am watching my food intake and exercising more is that a) i need to go to the doctor; and more importantly, b) i may need to attract a man eventually and the status quo might prove difficult in that particular pursuit. annoying!