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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

these might as well be my shoes

Antonio Gonzales Paucar, Zapatos que Rompen el Silencio (Shoes that Break the Silence) ; made out of dead flies, nylon thread, and shoes

I apparently suffer from bromhidrosis, aka toe b.o.
It's an issue especially with these haggard black flats I wear to work almost daily. My shoes definitely break the silence and a few health codes.


tim said...

just your toes? i have a similar problem, and always wonder if it is caused by my calluses breaking down in my hot shoes. hmm...maybe tmi but fuck it.

drollgirl said...

snicker! i have stinky feet, too. i do. i am not proud of it, nor are my shoes. :(

Clorivak said...

Your feet be STANKIN'??? awww...lil melodie's cute little stinky toes..somehow cute. hehe...

Me and man-beast call a little bit of stinky feet "Vinnies" or Big Time STINKFEET "Vineyards" in they reek like vinegar.

I had white flats that I wore to shit...I was so incredibly embarassed to take them off at someone's house cause the insides were like black. real classy. :P