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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ebay find: Daily Paintings

I'm totally loving the idea of daily paintings . There seem to be several fine artists using Ebay to sell and feature their one off daily paintings. Usually some painters will fiddle around with still-life to practice and train them selves,so these items tend to be small and reasonably affordable. I'm a sucker for miniature pieces and food related imagery. Make it small and about something organic and familiar and I'm all over it. Here are a few selections from various sellers on Ebay:
Ebay: abbeyspaintings
"Necco Waffers"
Oil on linen on panel

Ebay: wangfineart
" bread"
7 X 5 inches Oil on board 2008
Arist Blog

Twinkie #5
Oil on Masonite 7"x5"