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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gift giving

I've been on a bit of a buying spree lately, but every penny has been well spent. I love spoiling my loved ones!
I picked up these little treasures for my friends birthday last week from Etsy artist berkleyillustration:
5x7"Robin, digital archival print created from original pen and ink drawing.
5x7"Panda, digital archival print created from original pen and ink drawing.(I plan on picking up this irresistibly dapper little Bat for my self)
An other great Etsy find was Silhouette Blue Stationery & Invitations. Megan was incredibly helpful in creating a personalized stationary set and shipping it out within a week! Her collection of personalized screen printed note cards are adorable, amazing in person, and very affordable.While I was on my online shopping frenzy I picked up this rare and vintage Boston Braves heather gray, worn thin to perfection, 1970's T-shirt from Ebay for my love. He's a huge RedSox baseball fan so I thought I'd surprise him with this little gem. I just knew he would die when he opened the package.
(note this tubby dude above is not my bff)
And lastly, I just haaaad to treat my self. Check out this sweet and romantic handmade feather headpiece named "Ms. Norma" from Etsy darling Ohmydeer. Ohmydeer has a lovely blog and now makes one of a kind and custom decorative hair pieces out of organic materials. I wore this piece out to dinner last night and felt very snazzy!
Chelsae's blog (check out her wedding photos, they're absolutely precious and envy worthy)


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