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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Furniture find: rubber coated baroque

Meet my new furniture score: Plastic Fantastic dinning chair by Studio JSPR

(more images from the plastic fantastic series)
The Base Annex is closing up shop and everything is available at great prices. We scored this deliciously neon green and rubber coated lux dining chair for pennies on the dollar! The green army of them above is great but I'm happy with just one.

indoor/outdoor furniture by Studio JSPR — The Plastic-Fantastic series. The line includes colorful chairs, sofas, tables, dressers and light fixtures and is covered with a special layer of rubber, making it suitable for a patio or garden (a special coating that was first developed for use with medical equipment). We love how the baroque style has been modernized by the use of a single, vibrant color. Pull up a chair and enjoy. Dining Chair Approx. 19” W x 41” H x 17“ D