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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mini Obsession: Typewriters

After buying a vintage seafoam green typewriter at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago I can't get over the charmingly nostalgic aesthetic. I love looking at it everyday. It sits patiently in my bedroom waiting for me to feed it some new ribbon and type up something interesting.

Here are a few delicious little typewriter incarnations I've been comin
g across.
I totally fell in love with this tiny solid 18k gold charm at Tiffany's parents jewelry shop.
The painstakingly hand sewn dream typewriter from The Science of Sleep by Lauri Faggioni.
Wood and brass one of a kind handmade piece by Japanese artist Mr. Matsumoto (Boku)

Here's a great source for restored and rare typewriters VintageTypewriterShoppe


wool and misc said...

holy shit, do we share the same brain?!?!?

i &heart; you

wool and misc said...

♥ dammit!