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Monday, October 20, 2008

Great find: The PinPals

I just picked up these little paper dolls by The Pin Pals at a sweet little shop in Davis square.
I absolutely love how nasty and feisty these guy
s are.
The Pin Pals blog is amazing and it's great to see how many different projects they explore. This darling duo Burnaby and Alicia are available on their Etsy site:
Along with prints, t-shirts and paper dolls they also make adorable little one of a kind buttons. How sweet are these tiny cross stitched pins?
These tiny pins undoubtedly remind me of my dear friend Tiffany's handmade needlepoint charms available on her heist jewelry blog and Etsy:I really do love handmade pieces!

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Heist said...

I LOVE this blog, I LOVE your shout outs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! xo

clorivak said...

These PinPals are just plain awesome. Man, I wish I had a fortune to spend on tons of cool handmade items.