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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration: self containment

The newest addition to our vastly growing collection of treasures is this antique ship-in-a-bottle previously owned by my Bf's grandmother. With her unfortunate passing last year went the history behind this vintage little relic. I love looking at this precious little self contained ship and have been dreaming up a story of it's creation and inauguration into the Ellsworth family.
Staring at this ship now nestled in my office, has reengaged my love for glass containers and self contained objects. Encasing something is a surefire way of making it romantic and precious.

Below is a gorgeous selection of fancy apothecary jars, plant terrariums and bell jars.

One of my favorites:
Paxton Gate Wizard Mouse encased in a wood based glass dome.

Perfect housewarming gift:
EcoSphere self sustaining contained no fuss eco-system.

Always a crowdpleaser: Succulent Terrariums
(I'd love a house full of plant terrariums but I am a little crushed after my first attempt died within 3 months)

And lastly, the ultimate in self containment: a pet fish.
I've been eager to post something about industrial designer Roger Arquer's brilliant fish bowl project for a while now. The project explores a variety of social issues expressed in a series of 15 custom fish bowls.

Russian Dolls
XS or XL
Do Not Piss Me Off


Timja said...

There is something absolutely sad about fishes in a glass bowl, but there is also something beautiful in that sadness.