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Friday, October 3, 2008

looking forward to: Tara Donovan

I'm heading to Boston next week and I am so anxious to see good friends, eat rich food, wear layers, and visit the ICA to see the Tara Donovan show that is opening on Friday.
Tara Donovan, "Untitled (Styrofoam Cups)" (detail), 2003.
Tara Donovan, "Untitled (Paper Plates)," 2003.
Tara Donovan, "Untitled (Toothpicks)," 2004.

In the artist's hands, common, mass-produced items—toothpicks, buttons, drinking straws—become captivating sculptures.For over a decade, American sculptor Tara Donovan has transformed huge volumes of everyday items into stunning works of phenomenal impact. Layered, piled, or clustered with an almost viral repetition, these products assume forms that both evoke natural systems and seem to defy the laws of nature.