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Monday, November 16, 2009

I wear contacts now

After 8 bespectacled years I finally have contact lenses.

and now:
6 out of 10 aint bad google)

I swear, I think I've permanently altered my eyes/face from wearing dark, thick framed glasses. I'm not crazy, this has to be a real condition.

I have always felt I look like Milhouse Van Houten or a raccoon sans my glasses:

I'm still trying to cope with it.

Surprise surprise yahoo answers hasn't solved my problems.

Jimmy Turrell illustration


Matt said...

Funny, after 15 contact-lensed years I've gone back to the specs!

The Cherry Blog said...

i loved this post! it made me smile hardcore! it must feel strange after such a change. at least google understands though hey!!?? xx

JD said...

I recently have been wearing my glasses more often lately. I think I'm getting old. My eyes don't like the contacts anymore. It's definitely a big switch.

amy @ switz~art said...

I love my specs, but they annoy the shit outta me (pinch my head, can't see out of the side of my thick-armed pair...the list goes on and on).

dude, that is the 1st pic i have seen of a raccoon that looks super evil. i wonder if the one living in my front tree will look at me like that. eeeeks!

Moomby said...

how fun! let's see a pic!

Raina Cox said...

I just realized we have the same blog template. Aren't we the cool kids?

And I bet you look SPECtacular (couldn't resist)!

Mouse said...

I really want contacts.

Mouse said...

I really want contacts. Maegan said...

YAY! You must feel liberated ...although I can never understand how people get those contacts into their eyeballs!

The Curious Cat said...

welcome to the world of contacts! It is rather good - my prob is I have dry eyes so I can't wear them for very long without getting headaches which is a pain...but on nights out partying the alcohol tends to numb it a bit! xxx

drollgirl said...

yee haw! i have been wearing contacts for 20+ years. i love them for the most part, and it is fun to have glasses as an option when i am not loving them.