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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

yams with a side of fur
I often visit musubi for inspiration.


Amanda said...

Because nothing says "stuffing" like taxidermy. Happy, happy dearlet.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Have you ever been to Clark's Fish Camp in Jacksonville? The food is amazing, and I think you'd be fascinated with the decor. They have hundreds of taxidermy animals, shrunken monkey heads, etc throughout the place. Here's a link a slideshow, which doesn't even do the place justice. It's fantastic:

Clorivak said...

you find the coolest stuffs ever.

Gabbi said...

A vegetarians nightmare.

bigBANG studio said...

nothing makes me crave cranberry relish like a stuffed pigeon in a bell jar.

did you really purchase "home taxidermy for pleasure and profit" and did i tell you about what happened in montana? i was wrangling for a summer on a dude ranch and someone hit a big bull moose at the end of the ranch driveway and kilt the poor feller. the temps dipped below freezing that night and preserved the moose pretty much perfectly. the next morning his body was still there, but his head and his giant paddles were not. some enterprising mountain man had taken a chainsaw to his neck under cover of darkness and is surely bragging about how he bagged his trophy moose to this day. in fact, i'm sure the poor old moose head with his resplendent rack is hanging on a wall somewhere in ennis or butte this very moment.

something to be said for opportunistic taxidermy. hope i didn't traumatize you, but it's just such a good story.

xo and thanks for stopping by bigBANG! xo!!

drollgirl said...

this is killer.