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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

unrequited love

Kathatina's work which I just spotted at for me, for you reminds me of the Spiel & Holz wooden puzzles I fell in love with while in Berlin.

It wasn't love at first sight but my appreciation for these beautiful handmade puzzles grew more in the few days I was in Germany. The idea of having to lug around a huge pointy ended wooden thing on my back while ridding around on cobble stone roads wasn't appealing. It wasn't until the last couple days of my stay that I felt compelled to bring one home with me. Then of course, as with all of my Murphy's blessed luck, the day I went back to the tiny children's boutique they were closed. Alas, I filled my suitcase with other treasures. Life went on.
I think these puzzles were resting dormant in my impulsive shopping frontal lobe because as soon as I scrolled through Katharina's body of work I felt an immediate need to search for these again. As I do with any item that tickles my fancy I completely justify it. These things are multitaskers: They can be displayed as an ever shifting wall adornmnet and then later be perfect for my far off into the future babies. I can even still consider it a travel momento. Ta-Dah.

I haven't picked one up yet but I'm gunning for the 16.5" geometric spiral seen above.


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