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Friday, November 13, 2009

weekday links

via grammar girl; shop noun

Enjoy the mishmash.


wool and misc said...

yummy links! these inspire me to be more creative. however, i'm sure the feeling will pass *wink*!

Moomby said...

hey! that's me in there! i'm so excited to be in your links! quite an honor! thanks for the shout out!


Melodia darling, I took pics of 'taxidermy' during my recent travel!
I should dedicate them to ya'
~Great weekend!

Clorivak said...

La la love your Links!!! That dollhouse taxidermy is so adorable..itty bittiness of mini.

I really enjoyed looked at the commune photos..really cool. I remember in an induced state talking about wanting to be in one years ago..hahaha..I think I would end up chopping people though..I like my privacy.

happy weekend to you!! I hope to see you and fence chubster and onion rings in my dream tonight,since its not possible in realsies. ;) xoox