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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Erin McKenny: Balsam 4/30
I robbed the woods; acrylic on pinecone

A portion of the following poem by Emily Dickinson:

I robbed the Woods

I robbed the Woods –
The trusting Woods.

The unsuspecting Trees
Brought out their Burs and mosses
My fantasy to please.

I scanned their trinkets curious – I grasped – I bore away –

What will the solemn Hemlock –
What will the Oak tree say?

I need some woods to rob. We've actually been hunting for pine cones lately. Miami's manicured palm trees have muscled out all the natural pines. I would never commit the sin of stepping into a craft store for decorative pine cones when I know they're lying on the ground somewhere for free. Can one of my sweet followers please mail me some natural Christmasy accents?

Miami is a difficult place to live sometimes. It can be sunny and warm nearly all year round but it's difficult to adapt to the lack of seasons. Once you've experienced a shift of seasons you begin to long for spring, fall and early winter. (I'm not going to complain too much because bike ridding along the beach boardwalk in 75 degree
January weather is divine.) Yesterday I did have momentary longing for New England though. Christmas still seems a little forced down here. No matter what people do it will never feel * excuse this cringe moment* like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Even with the world's largest Christmas Theme park, Miami doesn't cut it. When I spotted this piece by Erin McKenny I was immediately reminded of the brainstorming session me and my bf just had. We're hunting for of few pine cones to complete the centerpiece he's been working on. Its a little crazy to me that we can't find pine cones easily. I miss being able to step outside and be surrounded by trees and wilderness. On the other hand, I'm sure there's someone yearning to find a sand dollar or seashell right outside their home.


wool and misc said...

ew. the kinkade reference made me throw up in my mouth a little.

but i hear ya, az is monoseasonal much like miami. Sometimes there's two seasons: hot and hotter than shit.

Heist said...

The grass is always greener...

me melodia said...

ew i know. I T.Kinkade & Charlie Brown reference in 1 week. I'm getting soft.

Blueprint Artists said...

That pine cone is totally awesome! What a cool idea: language in nature, natural language, the poetics of nature...what would Bachelard say?