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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Print give-a-way

I'm giving away two Ryan Berkley prints to one lucky MM reader this week!

Free goods just in time for the Holidays. Whether these are for you, or as a gift for someone you care about, these guys will be enjoyed. Anyone who's ever clicked on Etsy, browsed arty craft blogs or visited an Urban Outfitters has come across Ryan Berkley's animal portraits. Now's your chance to score my two favorite guys: the karaoke singing bat and hungry billy goat.

5x7" -Both are digital archival prints created from original pen and ink drawing. Comes with backing in plastic sleeve just for you - all ready to pop in a frame. All images by Ryan Berkley Illustration

To enter just leave a comment stating what you plan to do with the winning prints.
For extra bonus points-- anyone who leaves me a Haiku will be offered 2 additional entries to win.
The winner will be announced next Tuesday December 8th.


Clorivak said...

m'lodies!! What a GREAT I would keel over if I won these.
My brain is foggy bottom right now so I might have to get back to you on the haiku..haven't written one of those babies in years..yipes.

I think I would want to keep these but it's Christmas so that is selfish of me, I think I would give one of them to my sis in law that just scored a new apartment,the goat would brighten up her tiny,lovely bach pad.
That BAT is all mines though, mwaha.
shite,sorry for my usual long ass comments, geez I get carried away.

S and O said...

those prints are so interesting! :)

RetroRobot said...

i was just about to pop on over to Etsy and pick up the bat one when i saw your tweet. he's my fav, too! i purchased a nice little frame for him the other day so they'd already have a home! and i'm not sure if you meant a haiku about the prints or just one in general but here goes!

glittering body
shuddering fingers tugging
empty grateful fist

wool and misc said...

Melody, please please pick ME!
I'd be so happy!

I plan to glue these inside each one of my eyelids so I never have to stop looking at them. But seriously, I'd probably but them in gold frames and hang them on either side of the scrolly mirror in my bedroom. ♥

tim said...

nocturnal rodent.
in pink. so to my newborn neice.
hung over the crib.

meanwhile, with string tie
the gentleman billy goat
eats in my office.

maybe i'll win, but
maybe i won't. if latter,
baby and man cry.

east side bride said...

it appears my attention span is too short to attempt a haiku this afternoon. what else is new?

but these are RAD.

Hanako66 said...

berkley's work belongs
on my awesome photo wall
i love his work so

GREAT contest!

drollgirl said...

dude! what a fan-farking-tastic giveaway!!! love it! i would frame it and put it in an area in my bedroom that is BEGGING for a new piece of art!!!!!

Kelly Korova said...

I just found your blog
so i figured what the hell
goats suit me so well

haha but in all seriousness I'm glad I stumbled on your blog today, really enjoy it, and this is a great contest!

sarah said...

Well, duh, I will bequest them to Luke and Karen at Sweet Local Farm, who have 2 lovely goats and a barn full of bats. Come on, it's meant to be!

sherri said...

LURVE animals clothed
Berkley's in particular
would keep for myself


christmas comes, chilly
goat chews on blue bolo tie
those prints must be mine

in winter, art soothes
bat is rockin my damn world
me, he must be mine

uglygirl said...

A goat in a suit?
A goat would not wear a suit.
He would eat it first.

If I one I would hang them with my faux-taxidermy moose (ie child's souvenir from Canada).

annaparr said...

How much I want you
handsome upside-down bat
gracing my kitchen.

LOVE these prints, and love the blog!

Heist said...

LOVELY! I'm going to take both of them and put them on my fireplace surrounding your "Self Portrait" you gave me a while's that for kissing some ass?!

Jade said...

I will place these prints
in an honorable place
um, in my bedroom.


bigBANG studio said...

odd-toed ungulate
scales vertical cliffs when trapped
whereas the bat flies

{i'm especially taken with the goaty one. i'll frame it and hang it next to a print we have of a victorian couple holding giant trout. the bat one will give me nightmares. so i'll give it to my sister, who is obsessed with stellaluna.}

xo lily

Malka said...

because i'm broke and your sweet, and deep down you know these prints would be perfect in my living room.

Ryan Berkley said...

Ha ha!
You guys are awesome!

Sounds like a rad contest- good luck to everyone!

Ryan (the artist)

PS- great blog!
PSS- don't pick this message to win the prize! That would be weird.

Laney said...

I love your art work,

I would give them to my friend
he gave me two prints.

(p.s FYEAH classy animals, this is seriously the best!)