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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yesterday I stumbled upon Neon Tights, a cute group themed drawing blog. Last week's theme was childhood pets and their eventual death. This drawing below is my favorite.
Oskar's brother josef's budgie "sigge" got jammed in the door by mistake:

I still think about my early pets like the 11 year old goldfish who turned gray, my brother's carnivorous snapping turtle and Lady, my tabby who would religiously crap on my parent's bed. Each of these pets suffered a shitty demise. Anyone who frequently visits MM or follows my tweets should know that I am absolutely obsessed with my chiwa Parker. We cherish this little weirdo so much that we've already brought up the unpleasantness of her death plans. Surprisingly to Ben, I've been hesitant about taxidermying her. Its fine with other animals but not my furry soul mate. I'd rather preserve her tiny bones than mount her in some bizarre coerced way.
Hyungkoo Lee's Tom & Jerry

I've been looking into some alternative animal preservation techniques lately like freeze dry preservation.
Here are a few resources: Pet Preservation Is the Latest Thing in the Taxidermy World,


wool and misc said...

woah, that's a cat??

R won't let me preserve bella nor render her bones for a "bellaton"! sad.

Clorivak said...

I honestly hate thinking about my kitties death. They are only 2 & 4 years so I have lots of time,that I know of unless something freaky happens, dog forbid. I will more than likely just bury them old fashioned-ly.
I love Neon Tights..its got the coolest little artworks going on!!!:)