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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

free money


Every night before I rest my head

See those dollar bills go swirling 'round my bed.
I know they're stolen, but I don't feel bad.
I take that money, buy you things you never had.

Oh, baby, it would mean so much to me,
Oh, baby, to buy you all the things you need for free.
I'll buy you a jet plane, baby,
Get you on a higher plane to a jet stream
And take you through the stratosphere
And check out the planets there and then take you down
Deep where it's hot, hot in Arabia, babia, then cool, cold fields of snow
And we'll roll, dream, roll, dream, roll, roll, dream, dream.
When we dream it, when we dream it, when we dream it,
We'll dream it, dream it for free, free money,
Free money, free money, free money, free money, free money, free money.

-Patti Smith Free Money

Diane Brcelowsky illustration of the great Patti Smith


Awesome Sara said...

i dig this post. of course im gonna have this song stuck in my head but thats ok

wool and misc said...

missssssssss you

wool and misc said...


wool and misc said...

i can comment again!!!

Clorivak said...

haven't heard this song or i guess her for that matter in ages. i luvluv this tuney.

Rackk and Ruin said...

Love that portrait of Patti . . . it reminds me of Schiele's work.