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Friday, February 5, 2010

(insert Charlie Brown groan)

I've been feeling slightly shitty lately. I'm excited about my new career but I hate the frustration of not knowing things right away. Being clueless is one of the worst feelings. I need to quit feeling dumb, let time absorb things, apply some extra mental effort and quit feeling bad about myself.

One Year and Two Months of Feeling Bad About Myself:
Robin Cameron; Sculpture: Vogue Magazines, Wire Threading, Bolts

Destroying One Year and Two Months of Feeling Bad About Myself:
"The Sculpture after sitting on my roof for a few weeks."

Please check out the talented Robin Cameron


Zelda was a writer said...

i hope you'll be happy again very very very soon.
anyway, you seems very inspired also in this "shitty" mood :D
can bad things teach something?

Clorivak said...

well you'll get over this pretty quick and be a pro in no time!!!
challenge is good, but i know what you mean about feeling stupid, i hate's just your head telling you that...tell your brain to shut the fudge up.

Sonia said...

I found something special!

east side bride said...

no. feeling. shitty. you rock!