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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

interior spaces: gold teeth brooklyn

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Welcome to the Gold Teeth Brooklyn studios and residence where 3 creative minds and one cat call home. My dear and long time friend Jesse of GTB has agreed to give us a sneak peek into their Brooklyn nook. Jesse and her creative partner Emily established Gold Teeth a little over a year ago, with a focus on handmade screen printed greeting cards and fine art prints. Their work has quickly become a Brooklyn fixture at craft fairs and boutiques and has even been picked up by Steven Alan. The brand has recently evolved into custom jewelry and accessories. I pretty much love everything this duo makes but their studio is giving me sunlight envy.
"Emily and I have been living in this space for almost a year now and it's the first place in New York that has really felt like home...i love the overly varnished wood floors and open bright space that allows us to really spread out our work, we have great peak light in the afternoon!"
The bright and airy studio and living space is a reflection of the taste and compatibility of 3 equally talented people. The GTB girls live together with Jesse's boyfriend Alex who happens to be a hands on jack of all trades and professional welder. "Alex built me a beautiful work table with a butcher block top and a handful of great butcher block shelves that allow me to showcase my collections properly."
On top of being a budding entrepreneur and all around awesome lady, Jesse has a sharp eye for treasures. She is a born collector- I always loved visiting her folk's home in Miami that was packed with eclectic and unique odds and ends. "We have also started to accumulate old rulers which is becoming a bit of a collection...they all seem to come in handy tho when it comes to a printing project."
various paper prints available here
"I have been collecting globes for a few years now.... it all started with wanting a black ocean globe and then i just got obsessed! My mom has a fabulous flea market in Detroit where you can still find great vintage gems for barely any money."

"We tend to work with a muted color palate and simplified shapes to create everyday objects that make you smile."

"It has been a lot of fun starting a business all on our own, watching it grow and seeing positive responses from people is extremely encouraging. It is a huge challenge at times and we are both quite new to the business end of things but are learning a ton and feel that there is nothing more rewarding than creating something that you are proud of"
Resources: Gold Teeth home page; GTB Etsy


bigBANG studio said...

Oh my god. I've never seen so much light in a New York apartment/studio. I live in perpetually sunny Joshua Tree and my studio is like a cave of sorrows compared to their place.

And I *wants* the bacon print. And the mentioned black OCEAN GLOBE. Brilliant. Seems like these girls are on their way to major success. SO EXCITED FOR THEM- what a great post and seriously gorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

オテモヤン said...
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Clorivak said...

sigh, i love it. i need a space such as this.

sarah said...

wow, gorgeous.
clean, open, sparse yet full, i love it.