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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

heat of the jungle

I'm in love with my recent $1.25 book score:
The Complete Basic Book of Home Decorating has been stimulating my 1960s deprived eyeballs. I'm seriously motivated to incorporate some of these"basics" from circa 1976.
This opulent rosy feline bedroom is among my favorite concept looks:

description: Teens with tiny rooms might consider the airy chic of wicker furniture. This small room becomes a real den with the wildlife running riot on the walls and floor. The brilliant color combination of marigold and shocking pink, cuts the apparent size and adds to the intimacy. Desktop and accessories in stark white cut cool down the heat of the jungle.

A few inspired pieces:

grrrr; Beale Loung Chair cb2; Wicker Club Chair; Retro Crosley Princess Phone;
Nancy White, between the backbeat, Oil on plexi. Takada Gallery, sheep rug
Jonathan Adler pillows
;Brass Table Clock; lacquered cube table, color org-ed books, studio nommo wallpaper


Anonymous said...

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Emily Anderson said...

Oh my goodness that is DIVINE!! And when I say divine, I mean John Water's "Divine." Just kidding. I am obsessed with old decorating books and magazines from the 60s and 70s, my grandmother's basement is a treasure trove of old Town and Country, BHG, Vogue, etc mags. Film really does have so much more texture and you can really see it in this pre-digital image. This is great and it's filled with a Valentine's Day color palette to boot!
:) Emily

Heist said...


cake. said...

that tiger wallpaper is melting my brain, in a good way.

Rackk and Ruin said...

haahahah amazinggg . . . what a fantastic book. . . and subsequent post! xx

mken nunga said...

I am new to bloging I realy like Heat of the jungle work thecolrs and graphic sensibility mix with classic simplicity is driving my creative engine wild.Hope I can follow this .Ijust want to make stuff now said...

Oh my name is wrongly spelt I am Moken Nunga yes I like the heat of the Jungle well I am frm Cameroon west Africa said...

Oh my name is wrongly spelt I am Moken Nunga yes I like the heat of the Jungle well I am frm Cameroon west Africa