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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I really really want to see the boyfriend dressed up as Archibald Alexander Leach in North by Northwest. All he'd need is a slick gray suit, pomade and a tiny plane on his shoulder. *Swoon*
There's something weirdly comforting about watching a Hitchcock film you've seen a dozen times. Tonight I'm in the mood for To Catch a Thief:
I have a slight thing for Cary Grant.
Especially as an ex jewel thief.
Do you have a favorite Hitchcock piece?


Amanda said...

Oh, Cary. Cary Cary Cary.

Mouse said...

I love Rear Window. Cause of Grace's dress. And being scared.

But I'll go watch this one, now. Her espadrilles!!

drollgirl said...

i want to hate cary grant, but i can't. he brings me to my knees. well, not literally. oh, you know what i mean.