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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a galaxy of static & dust

According to NASA, approximately 1% of the static on a TV screen is caused by cosmic background radiation left over from The Big Bang.

I estimate that nearly 1% of the planet's dust resides in my apartment.
bryan graf static; cameron witting dust


wool and misc said...

WOAHHHH < read in keanu reeves voice >

Heist said...


Clorivak said...

i hate's never done.

Hello Lindello said...

cosmic dust. cool.

drollgirl said...

haha! for some reason under my bed has a TON of dust. the floor around it looks fine, but under the bed it builds up. very pig pen-ish. lately i have just been LOOKING at it and ignoring it. so i get to clean it this weekend. HUGE GROAN.

lucinda said...

Whenever I wake up early enough to see a shaft of light sneak into my bedroom I'm amazed how much dust is constantly in the air. Apparantly most indoor dust is dead skin cells.