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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

85°F with a 0% chance of Fall

I recently picked up the fall issue Martha, as I do every year and I've came to the realization that I really shouldn't . It's still hot as hell here in Miami and we're no where near autumn. I have bookmarked pumpkin recipes, autumn inspired decor (like those pumpkin & squash mushrooms), and Halloween costumes. It's all a little depressing when it's 85°F with 76% humidity. What is it about fall that is so amazing? It's one of the only things I cherished about living in Boston. Miami is the murderer of seasons- all we know of four seasons is: hot, really fucking hot, still sorta hot and slightly bearable.
I absolutely love these dapper wool clad bird folk. This is so far from my current world that I might as well grow feathers.

Venice's famed "Carnevale" inspired these avian creations


Clorivak said...

awwww...i wish you could teleport here and enjoy some fall-ness! i totally want to join you in the growing feathers bit!

my wish

drollgirl said...

i think it is 90 or a 100 here today in la with NO sign of fall in site. but the office is a chilly 67, so i can and DO wear jackets and sweaters constantly. if only i could pair them with these bird masks! man, that would be rad!

sweetlocal said...

ooo, I saw this on Martha. I loved the owl mask the little boy was wearing.