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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

stag beetle riding boyfriend

I was pleasantly surprised when this bucking beetle elf duo became house guests yesterday.

I had been eying this vintage Japanese figuring at my favorite antique mall for a while now and my bf unexpectedly bought it for me. I had a major case of FML yesterday but it all went away when I spotted these guys waiting for me in the built in. Now, let me explain that I'm not normally one to flip over tchotchkes but seeing that I think my boyfriend is half gnome it was natural that I felt an affinity to this piece.
My case in point:

I whipped this up a few years ago to show him how I see him.
Now he's a little tougher by learning to ride beetles and growing a mustache:


Clorivak said... cute! What a nice lil' surprise!

east side bride said...

Do I write "Yessssssssssss" on your blog too much?

The Cottage Cheese said...

O my god this is hilarious! What a freaky little figurine. I love stuff like this. Your boy looks quite manly riding that beetle.

New blog template looks great!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

You might have the awesomest boyfriend ever.