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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parker's business box

Josh Keyes; Drink
By way of convenience, sanitation and sheer laziness my bf built our Chi a balcony bathroom. Arguing over who would take her down to do business before bedtime and feet cleaning duties was getting old. On top of the fact that south beach is absolutely filthy and parasitic, she was attacked earlier this year by a rogue mutt. This super simple box has made all of our lives better. I recently stumbled upon a brand Doggy Duty that sells the same concept for urban dog owners except you can pick theirs up for a whopping $225! Ours in total, cost less than 40 bucks and it was made with love.
Here she is depositing her first pee. She acclimated quickly and now just does her stuff on command.
The box just requires some simple maintenance and grass up keep.
We need to remove the doo immediately (ofcourse) and water the freshly peed grass to prevent burning.


seo services said...

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Clorivak said...

that is the wonderfulness of having a itty bitty teeny tiny dog.
very cute. its a nice little patch of grass for wittle miss parker.
your boyf has nice jeans.

elsiee said...

GENIUS!! seriously...

drollgirl said...

you guys are FUCKING BRILLIANT! and attractive! and hilarious! i mean COME ON! this is so fab! I LOVE IT!!!!

G. said...

LOVE!!!! does she ever go to the side with the rocks? is that for poop or drainage?