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Friday, September 11, 2009

happy friday!

Susan Rothenberg;Hands and Shadows, 1978-79
Acrylic and flashe on canvas;48 x 58"


Clorivak said...

Happy Frides to you! :0)

bigBANG studio said...

ok, you've won my heart for the nth time. right this moment, when i clicked on this image, you must know that under my cup of now-cold coffee and next to my right elbow is joan simon's "susan rothenberg" with this VERY PAINTING on the cover. it's one of my most prized art books. it's cloth-bound, with "hands and shadows" printed in marvelous black ink on the linen. the book itself is so beautiful i fancy finding a perfect shadow box for it and hanging it on the wall, but i need to open the book to often.

i'm in a serious rothenberg fix at my studio these days...stay posted for some new giant paintings that have emerged from all those hours poring through her work.

ps. i have a show opening party on sat dec 12th in long beach if jawanna come.