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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

perfect recipe

3 - parts Daniel Day Lewis as the Butcher
2 parts Marcel Dzama
1 - cup melancolie and the infinite sadness
½ tsp of vaudeville
a dash of soul to squeeze video

yields one Paolo Ventura winter series:

Paolo Ventura Winter Stories
Digital C-Print 40 x 50" ed 5


mina said...

wow. these are amazing.

wool and misc said...

DDL 4 EVA! pleasure chatting with you xoxoxoxoxoxoo

erin@designcrisis said...

OMG, these are amazing, but I am reallly loving the DDL head in a beaker.


seesaw designs said...

hilarious / awesome.

Mouse said...

ha ha. yep, I think you summed it up right.

drollgirl said...


Clorivak said...

That Man-Bird in the woods is ALL MINE..meehahahahawa.