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Monday, January 4, 2010

earthy feet

Tomoko Inagaki and Takuma Uematsu;
One day, I meet… Parts 1 + 2

Is the fact that I'm a Taurus -- which happens to be an earth sign, the reason I hate sweeping? Is my cosmic aura trying to keep more dirt kicking around my floor and sticking to my feet? The Taurus is supposedly one of the most self indulgent of the signs. Perhaps I shall indulge less and mop more.

Prompted by the fact that my stringently neat Gemini boyfriend swept 5 times this weekend.
I swept none.


Heist said...

I'm a Gemini. I sweep a lot.

wool and misc said...

i'm a scorpio. i bitch a lot.

ps. can we make dirt bulls all day? looks like so much fun. much more fun than what i'm up to.

drollgirl said...

love this bull!

i much prefer sweeping to mopping or vacuuming. or do i? they all suck, but scrubbing the tub has to be the worst. ugh.

i am a leo and i am self-absorbed for the most part. but somewhere deep down there are some good traits.