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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Darren Booth: Lord of the Flies
(Illustration and hand-lettering)

Can we all agree that Darren's LOTF cover illustration is a million times better than the one we had while in middle school?

It urges me to revisit this classic.

The Simpson's LOTF episode: Das Bus


drollgirl said...

agreed! and i am a loser, as i never read that book.

Anonymous said...

No I don't agree, they both suck. Who wants to look at a book with a pig's severed head on the cover?

me melodia said...

Dear ANON,

If this illustration doesn't do it for you then I don't think you'll enjoy much else on MM. Cute severed pig head is pretty much the norm here.

Best you go on Le Love or Cuteoverload.


Bajojo said...

Sucks to that! The original cover is pretty sweet too. Let's live in a world where both are happily accepted as cover options. Your blog is number 6 of 9 in my favorites tab. Thanks for your lovely blog.