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Monday, January 11, 2010

inspiration: Sandrine Pelletier

Next weekend that I stay in I'm promising myself I'll start and finish a project. We are useless unless we make things with our hands.
Sandrine Pelletier's work.
Charles, 2008, Fabric and thread

Flesh Crystal (Arschsaft), 2007, fabric, embroidery, lace, spangles, nylon and plastic

flash dance, acrylic,textile, latex

Etole (Dalmatiens), 2007, lace, latex and resin


Mouse said...

I don't like the ballet shoes. That looks painful.

Clorivak said...

yay...these are wonderful. i need to FINISH something soon or I'll flip my lid all the way to the moon. tonight i went to the art store with my man-borg and i bought a 3 canvases and i intend to fill those little canveses dammit. i am such a big ass sucks. but i bought those and i must create. i'm not working so i might as well complete something, i have no excuses. i'm not really an artist per se but art supplies especially new ones make me tingle.

drollgirl said...

ah, it is good to make stuff. i busted out the sewing machine the other weekend. i told myself to ACT LIKE I WAS PATIENT, not curse or yell, and make it work. hells bells it was frustrating, but i did it. i am not that great at sewing, but i need to do more of it and GET BETTER AT IT!

wool and misc said...

making things is good. finishing things is better!

Rackk and Ruin said...

oh my . . . what amazing, and humorous, work!! i love them.