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Friday, January 8, 2010


I hate a operating in a messy work space so I keep it relatively neat.
Neat but boring.

This melange of bare, black and beige is my world.
Even though I spend a majority of my waking time here, I just can't seem to be crafty and snazzy up my little hellhole.
I like peeking into other people's nooks and seeing how they live and work.
Joseph Holmes' work space series is a growing collection of personalized commercial spaces. I love the chaos in these shots but I'd be tempted to hang myself if this were my reality.
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artist statement:
Over long periods of time, workbenches, cubicles, and office desks go through an oddly natural process of accretion and erosion much like the way mountains and landscapes form over centuries. I don’t think there’s another place where evidence of an individual life is concentrated into such a tightly confined space. And I find that distillation beautiful in a way that’s artificial in the best sense of the word.


wool and misc said...

OOH! you have a window?? fancy! perfect for daydreaming, gazing.

Clorivak said...

i like your plain little reminds me of workspaces I've had in the past. just a couple little knick knacks and a cute desktop photo and you're good to go. those other crazy ones make my brain hurt and shudder. I can't stand too much chaos and mess. It makes my brain feel that way, so I can't hack it. I'm not an insane neat freak but I like a certain order or I can't relax.

Hanako66 said...

your space is neat!

i would be overwhelmed to work in such mess too!

Rackk and Ruin said...

fantastic!! i need to get this book (if it is one) for my mom . . .she's always so self-conscious of how messy/cluttered her office is. . . but it's just a beautiful reflection of how caring and nostalgic she is. my jewelry work space is a nightmare!!!