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Thursday, July 9, 2009

April of my eye

I feel so lucky to have such creative and talented friends. I am very proud of all their accomplishments. Even though I haven't completed a single piece since graduating in '05 I'm inspired by my pals who are still creating. My friend April is one of those people who is always making and working on something fresh. We are serial care package senders and she always seems to blow me away with her handmade pieces. This "melodious thonk" postcard collage [above] is one of my all time favorite treasures. I believe it's based on a Polaroid we took the last day we lived in Boston together. She later admitted it was difficult to drop it in the mail because she really wanted to keep it. I fucking love that!
She's presently a high school art teacher and mixed media specialist. Below is just an itty bitty fraction of the work she does. Having collage as her medium of choice really keeps April in a pack rat scrap hoarder category. You should see how much awesome crap this girl has. You could turn her room and studio into an archaeological study.
April posing with an installation piecemanila beauty for vanilla booty
Her vast collection of photoboth strips
(if you look closely I'm in a couple shots)


amy @ switz~art said...

holy crap! april is a super talent...i am in awe...

Heist said...

awww...she's so adorable.