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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Patricia Urquiola
If I owned this Antibodi Lounge chair I assure you each crease and fold would be filled with pita chip crumbs, misc food bits, lost hair ties and stray kitty litter. If you looked at my sectional right now you'd think I'm a total filth bag. I have microcosms of gross stuff wedged in the the cracks.


drollgirl said...

oh god. this would be a disaster for me! i already eat over my keyboard, and it SHOWS. gross, i know.

Awesome Sara said...

lol!!! i was thinking the same thing!!! my hair ties, cat hair, chip crumbs, pizza crumbs, etc etc

Dooder City said...

this is when you have a party and make your friends get drunk and sit on it and then collect all the shit that falls out of their pockets after...jk

Waxy said...

I guess the chair is aptly named - if you don't have the antibodies you will build them up as the chair collects stuff - my husband and chihuahuas would turn that thing into a germ buffet!