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Friday, July 10, 2009

mini obsession: nests

Hidenori Mitsue; beehive
oil on cotton, 90x80cm, 2007
Craig Kucia
if you look too deeply everything brakes your heart, 2003
Oil, acrylic, and graphite on Canvas;60 x 60 inches

I have been recently obsessing over finding the perfect bee's or hornet's nest lately. While reasonable people are watching Pamela Love jewelery or Rick Owens Jackets, I'm hunting for some decorative organic nonsense. I don't remember what triggered this fascination but I just can't wait till i get my hands on one. I'll most likely want to puke when it actually arrives though. I had the same reaction when my jungle nymph bug came in the mail-- I couldn't even look at the box all afternoon. Anyways, pending willies or not I'm bidding on these two hornet's nest this week:

I promise you guys my apartment wont look like hornetboy1970's.
*update: I was outbid!


wool and misc said...

ooh, what a rather dangerous (mini) obsession that is!

GUGAW said...

these most definitely give me the willies! there was a MASSIVE wasp nest in the attic of one of my old houses, it was terrifyingly beautiful, alien looking and silvery. a good three foot long too - never knew they could get so big. but it gave me nightmares!

drollgirl said...

bahhaha!! YOU ARE SUCH A NUT!! this is cracking me up. i am trying to think of something even REMOTELY similar that i have obsessed on, but i am coming up with nothing. bahahha! you are one unique bird, and that is a good thing. :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

You like those? Just visit my parents' backyard. TONS.