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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Please excuse this moment of rubbery blogger self absorption. Janaina Tschape;Juju 1 (from The Sea and The Mountain), 2004

I normally don't participate in community things (what can I say I like the sidelines) but I wanted to acknowledge the fancy blog pals who have been so kind and sent me an award and tagging. I am very thankful to have been offered the lovely blog award by the oh so sweet Anna Caroline of designstudio210. Thanks darling, your blog is smart and refreshing. And while I'm reveling in my own awesomness: I’ve been tagged by the classy & creative Alek rightbankgirl to reveal 10 unknown facts about myself whereupon, I can claim the Honest Scrap Award. I've never participated in a blog award or tagging (sorry, wool&misc for dropping the ball on the last one) so please excuse the lack of finesse.
To show my appreciation to you awesome and inspiring ladies I dedicate these yummy bits to you.

Cloaked polar bear for designstudio210:
Ryan Hackett, PolarGrowth, 2007
Alkyd/Oil/Giclee print on paper, 40 x 60"
And this amazing
Simone Leigh piece for rightbankgirl: Head Piece, 2008
Porcelain, terra cotta, 13 1/4 x 10 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches

And now for my gut spilling.

matt furie drawing
10 me melodia facts:
  1. I'm Cuban when it's convenient.
  2. I'd rather have popcorn and wine for dinner than real food.
  3. Major bad habit: rolling my eyes while listening to clients on the phone.
  4. Scantily clad women bother me. I think I'm becoming a prude.
  5. I hold grudges.
  6. If no one is looking I don't pick up the dog poop.
  7. My left foot is 1/2 size bigger than my right.
  8. I check my email way too much.
  9. I'm terrified of spiders.
  10. True love = popping some one's pimples.


wool and misc said...

"My left foot is 1/2 size bigger than my right."

That's cuz yer ♥ is on the left side!

You have the classiest blogwards ever.

Amanda said...
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Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

How sweet you are :D Thank you so much for the sweet words :D And wiii thanks for the polar bear :D So cute of you and original :) My bf is crazy over 'em and I will just have to show him now what I've got;)

Take care sweet!

/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

btw....the polar bear was my favorite of the pics :).

LPC said...

Hahahaha. I knew I loved my son.

Amy said...

Holy crap! Other than the fact that I am not Cuban (but loooove Cuba) and the left foot thingy, I think we're cut from the same cloth!

No, you're not a prude (re: #4)'s just not necessary. And as for #10...I come from a long lineage of pimple poppers! Yeehaw!


Melody! You are such as sweetheart - thank you for this post. It would have been more than enough to learn all these juicy details about you but the dedication just made my whole day. That head piece is gorgeous! It's perfect for me! Oh and I'm with you on 10, 8 and 4 (Eew.) And I'm trying to be better about 5. Thanks again! xoxo, ALEK

Waxy said...

Thanks for sharing - made me smile! I am a major eye roller - except I don't limit to the phone!

Heist said...

Awesome! You're a winner! ;)

drollgirl said...

bahhaha! you are making me laugh out loud!

kadler said...

I agree with a surprising number of these. My right foot is bigger and I wish these young girls would just put some clothes on. Bah humbug.