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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want to skin you

Talia Greene, Alterations 2003
digital print on rice paper, embroidery hoops, thread, beads

My loved ones are no stranger to hearing things like, "I want to skin you alive" or "I'm going to eat your face off" or the rare but at times appropriate: "chop you up and turn you into soup". I say these things with the utmost tenderness of course. When I came across the work of Talia Greene I was immediately in love with her infestation series and natural patterns but there's something about this piece [above] that is idealistically perfect. I joke about taxidermy-ing my dog and making lampshades out of my bf's tattoo skin. I love the idea of preservation. Seeing that I can't actually slice him up to admire I would love to preserve his skin patterns just like this piece. I once tried the cute etsy route and purchased all the supplies to make something similar to this embroidery but I just can't sit down and commit myself to craftyness. I think I might just choose one or two of our favorite body parts, scan them and try to present them similarly.
While on this slightly macabre topic I've been dying to visit that weird hair museum in Missouri:
Encasing and decorating with a deceased loved one's hair is so absurdly beautiful. For now at least I'll stick to digital representations.


zyanna said...

that museum looks amazing! i have a necklace with a locket on it of my great great great grandmas and its made of her hair.weird but cool

wool and misc said...

cutest cannibal ever!

Pyzahn said...

I got excited there for a minute because I'm in Missouri. But this strange little museum in on the other side of the state. I'll make a note for my next western road trip.

Thanks for visiting Prattle.

Heist said...

Let's not forget the time you said you wanted to "melt Ben's face off and put it in your tea" - love it!

Clorivak said...

ahhh...thats nice to hear!! I tend to use violent descriptions when I adore something, so could relate. My manjob (kinda like nutjob) seen this show about how this man's wife died and she was cremated and he got a tatoo using her ashes...pretty nutty. Steve said he wants to do that if I sweet.