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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A lot on my shoulders right now

sourced from:
Fun site although I don't agree with it featuring my secret lover or
the lovedtodeath curio I own.

Ps. I plan to be a bit quiet on the blog front this week due to my crazy work load, life distractions and looming 4 year anniversary.



hope your load would not be a huge burden...Peace darling!

Clorivak said... melodies. I hope things simmer for ya lady. Ooooo....4 year Anniversary...Got any plans??
I adore that site, crappy taxidermy at its finest.
Love ya to bits...Its totally understandable to be not on here all the time haha...its a job in itself...:P xoooox

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

love your blog, adding it to my blogroll!

drollgirl said...

i hope you are ok. please try and hang in there.

and i love this pic! yer blog is always so fun and such a surprise every single day.

chill if you can. please!

me melodia said...

Lnm: Thanks hun! :D

Kitty: Oh my blogbosombuddy how I love thee.
No plans yet, but I'm working on something. Oh and you're totally right, keeping up with all you guys' awesome blogs and working on mystuffs is a fulltime job. Damn this need to earn real money and paying taxes thing.

tiffany66:P: you're fucking rad. Keep up the good stuff. <333

Droll!!!: Thanks for the comment! You made me feel like a million bucks. You're an inspiration.

Ok bitches I gotta go back to the rowing. Can't wait to TCB and go waste time on your sites.

Awesome Sara said...

LOLOLOL!!! i'm laughing at this pic!!!

aw honey if there is anything i can do, let me know. I;ll send awesome sara loves u vibes. ********** can u feel them making ur life better******

Hello Lindello said...

4 year!? congrats. I have special place in my heart for taxidermy.

erin@designcrisis said...

How dare they call that crappy?! I call it AWESOME.

Happy anniversary and good luck with your crazy work load! Take some time off to enjoy the holiday...

east side bride said...

Happy 4 years!!!

wool and misc said...

enjoy life!

wool and misc said...

i also agree w/erin, not crappy AT ALL.