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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a perfect future

A little mid afternoon optimism.
Casey Roberts; a perfect future
cyanotype drawing w/collage;69 x 60;2008
I'm really trying to be less cynical and sarcastic during the work week. I will harness the power of rainbows and white whales.


The Cottage Cheese said...

I love this collage. You've inspired me to stop being mopey and grumpy about the things I can't control right now and try to be happy about the fun stuff that I have to look forward to. Thanks chick!

elsiee said...

you've hit the spot - we went to sea world a couple of months ago and I was captivated by the beluga whales - I'm feeling less sarcastic already - sweet!

drollgirl said...

some turd once told me that sarcasm was poorly disguised bitterness. so i don't like to think i am sarcastic. i prefer CAUSTIC or WITTY. but perhaps i am deluding myself.

Awesome Sara said...

it makes me feel fuzzy inside