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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I agree,

lets bring back romance.
In response to subtletyinexcess': neo-romaticism request


drollgirl said...

oh, i have zero romance in my life. i WISH it would come around at least every now and again!

and, regarding your comment on my blog....the first time i found a little bit of porn at home i cried and cried as it made me feel like i wasn't enough for the man. it made me so insecure. i still feel like that a tiny bit, but have decided to just roll with it. he doesn't seem to watch it or NEED it that often, and i think/hope it just happens every now and then. hopefully? humph. i know it is a touchy subject, and sorry for going on and on here!

clorivak said...

OK...I want both you and Droll Girl to marry me!!!!

me melodia said...

I think I can safely speak for droll on this one.
We accept!!! Now let's have an Internet wedding and live in blog bliss( sans secret porn stash). Xo,m
Ps. Who's name wld u take?

The Cottage Cheese said... this old photo. Seriously, when did being romantic become cheesy? Was it when the first pair of matching air-brushed t-shirts were made?

An Carol said...

SO fun this piece !! the girl hate to sharing with him . haha ! See her face :)