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Monday, June 1, 2009

urban grave

I love spotting animal traces like bird steps or kitten paws left on wet sidewalks. This deep frog corpse crater found in Brooklyn totally takes the cake though. I must go visit him.
"At some point when the sidewalk was being set on a corner in Greenpoint, a poor city amphibian flipped over and ended its life. [Note: it doesn't look like it has a head because the neck was arched back and created an over hang in between the arms.]"
Esao Andrews


drollgirl said...

this is crazy! i have never seen such a thing. i would like to go out like this. but i would leave a much large mark.

Hello Lindello said...

ooh tha poor frog! At least he left his mark on the world :)

clorivak said...

awww...I hope it didn't suffer, poor wittle froggy...haha, kinda funny though. I have tons of kitties imprints right outside my adorable!

thanks for all those jpg's...made my day!!

The Cottage Cheese said...

This is really cool, but poor little frog! I found an amazing (and big) fossilized turtle on the Cumberland Plateau a few years ago while hiking. He was just in mid-swim, then whatever happened happened and he was encased in sandstone forever. I'll have to see if I can find that pic and post it.

zanimal said...